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Our approach to the management of all our portfolio properties is based on a much more efficient, caring and friendly service than that of our competitors. We believe the following key points are vital to successful residential management.

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Tailor-made service. We recognise the need to discuss, listen, inform and communicate. Each client prefers a certain way of working and therefore our service is tailor made to suit every individual client’s requirements. We believe it is vital for the agent to regularly liaise and consult with the client so that both parties are in agreement as to how the block is run and how individual problems are best solved.
One of our strengths lies in the fact that we understand how to communicate with people and we never underestimate the importance of establishing a good working relationship with clients, lessees and contractors. We are not dogged with the high turnover of staff that many of our larger competitors experience. Our clients can therefore get to know us and in turn we can offer consistent dedication and loyalty.
Managing Agents must be unobtrusive, but always available. Our office is located in the heart of the West End making us readily accessible. Telephone calls are never blocked, and so tenants have immediate access to managers if they are in the office. All incoming letters are read by a director and outgoing letters are approved before they are despatched. To ensure comprehensive cover, Castlereagh Management operates an out of hours emergency number which is permanently manned. It is our management practice that contractors are required to provide 24 hour emergency cover for the major components of the building. In the event of an emergency we have never encountered any difficulty in getting assistance.
It is a common complaint that managing agents allow calls and letters go unanswered for long periods of time. We are aware of how frustrating this can be and so our policy is to respond to all communications in the shortest possible time. If we cannot answer a query immediately, we will ensure the client is informed that a full and comprehensive answer will be forwarded to him as soon as the relevant information is obtained.
We believe in proactive rather than reactive management. We are aware of the need to deal with repairs and maintenance works expeditiously and so it is important to plan ahead, identifying and recognising potential problem areas. This means that any future major works may be financed by the reserve fund without the necessity to raise extra levies. We have amassed an excellent panel of contractors in all areas of building, refurbishment and maintenance, and we are constantly checking to ensure that not only their work is of the highest standard, but that their prices are and remain truly competitive.
Another complaint by many residents is of their managing agent’s frequent failure to keep them abreast of information regarding repairs or changes within their building. It is our policy to keep close communications with residents so they are fully updated at all times.
Properties managed by Castlereagh Management are inspected regularly, ensuring that they are run, maintained and serviced to the highest standard. Site visits are carried out at least once per week not only for this purpose, but also to enable us to have a good working relationship with the staff employed at the block. They also give us the opportunity to meet residents and become fully acquainted with the day to day running of the block.
To be entirely effective, residential managers must have a full range of professional property skills at their disposal. Most of the large agents can boast an in-house surveyor or valuer. However, Castlereagh have a panel of a number independent highly qualified experts to cover all specialist fields such as surveyors, mechanical and electrical engineers and consultants. The client can therefore rest assured that he is receiving a truly independent report at a competitive price.
To cope with the complexities of modern residential management, and in particular to gain the maximum advantages from the increasingly sophisticated service charge provisions of modern leases requires access to swift, efficient and tailor made computer software. Castlereagh Management has aimed to stay at the leading edge of technology. In pursuit of this policy, we are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated property management system, giving every manager instant access at his or her fingertips to all necessary tenant information and records and the day to day financial data relating to the particular management.
We have a basic principle that residential management is a very labour intensive job and on these grounds we only accept management of properties within the West End and its surrounding suburbs. We have been offered managements in locations further afield but have turned these down as we feel we would not be able to offer the high level of service our clients deserve.

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