Should the Residents Association wish Castlereagh Management to undertake the role of Secretary, we would gladly oblige at a fee of £350 + VAT per year. We can also provide the service of filing the annual returns for a fee of £75 + VAT per year.

This service would include the following:

  • Attending all Residents Association meetings
  • Providing minutes of these meetings
  • Circulating information to all residents and leaseholders and notifying them of the Annual General Meeting
  • Attending the Residents Association Annual General Meeting and administering the proceedings.

Although in terms of size we may be described as a small company, we believe that we can offer a far more dedicated and tailor made service than the larger companies. Our size gives us the flexibility to accommodate our clients’ requirements and the flexibility to respond to circumstances that require change, be it in approach, policy or administration.

The director who will attend the interview is the director who will actively and permanently take part in the management of the block, assisted by one member of staff who will be dealing with the day to day management items. Whenever a client calls he will receive attention directly from the manager or the director, both of whom he will know personally, and both of whom will be fully informed of all aspects of the block and its finances.

We have an extensive panel of independent experts, (surveyors, engineers and consultants), which gives us and the client the ability to choose the best person for the job rather than being forced to use an expert on the staff.


Castlereagh will also deal with any other matter within their professional expertise which is not specifically provided for within the schedule of services. This is subject to receiving written instructions from the Landlord and also agreement to any additional fees payable.

Examples are as follows:

  1. Valuations
  2. Town and Country planning matters
  3. Attendance in Court
  4. Major works or any non-routine expenditure for which it is usual for a building surveyor to be instructed.

Castlereagh work along side a team of specialist building surveyors who will assist us to ensure that the block is maintained to the highest standard and, in consultation with the Landlord, stringent financial controls will always be maintained.


It will be our standard procedure to forward applications for payment two to three weeks before the due date.

Reminders will be forwarded a week after the due date.

Second reminders will be sent no later than 2 weeks after the first reminder.

Final warnings will be forwarded no later than two weeks after second reminders, advising that unless service charges are paid within seven days, solicitors will be instructed to recover outstanding charges due, together with interest and costs.

One week after the final warning, client’s solicitors will be instructed as detailed above.

Our procedure can be varied to suit your requirements.