We offer the following services

The introduction of a tenant and full management of the property throughout the tenancy.

Management services include

1. Taking instructions on the property, including inspection and advising at to the likely market rental.

2. Circulating details of the property to suitable applicants, and in addition, incorporating the property details in our regular lists widely circulated to overseas companies and Embassies based in and around London.

3. Accompanying any prospective tenants in their inspection of the property.

4. Negotiating all terms and conditions of the proposed tenancy with an applicant interested in a particular property.5. Taking up suitable references as may be appropriate.

6. Ensuring consent is granted, if specifically instructed from any Building Society or Superior Landlord.

7. Preparing and obtaining the tenant’s signature to an appropriate Tenancy Agreement, and collecting from the tenant the initial rental payment and deposit called for under the Agreement. The deposit to be registered with the Deposit Protection Scheme by us until the termination of the tenancy.

8. Arranging, if required, for the preparation and/or checking of an inventory.

9. Arranging with the utility companies for the landlord’s responsibility in respect of electricity, gas, telephone, council tax and water rats to cease, if necessary.

10. Dealing with collection of rental from the tenant and account for the rental received.

11. Making such payments as may be required in respect of periodic outgoings on the property, i.e: insurance; service charges; ground rent; etc.

12. Inspecting the property at regular intervals.

13. Dealing with any routine management problems and carrying out any day to day running repairs to the property and contents as may be necessary, although this would be subject to any detailed instructions to be given in respect of any particular property at the time we take up management. We suggest that where a Landlord is overseas, we have the authority to carry out any repairs without reference to the Landlord up to a figure of £350.00. Repairs in excess of this sum would normally be subject to previous instructions, unless, of course, in the case of an emergency.

14. Arranging at the end of the tenancy for the inventory to be checked, and for a copy of which to be sent to the landlord for approval before a tenant’s deposit is refunded.

15. Sending a monthly/quarterly statement of income/expenditure to the Landlord. The balance may be deposited directly into the landlord’s account if instructed.

16. Copies of all relevant correspondence between agent and tenant, tenant’s references, and Tenancy Agreement will be sent to the landlord on request.

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